Dog Cataracts Supplement Reviews

Dog Cataracts Supplement Reviews

“Sight is definitely improving”

Hello NuVet Labs, Our dogs are our children. We have English Springers and Cocker Spaniels. In the beginning of the spring one of our cockers, Snickers, now 10 started to develop a cataract in his left eye. He went to the vet and he had given us some eye ointments to alleviate the dryness he had but said he is rapidly losing sight in that eye.

Never giving up on any of my kids and often turning to holistic practices when the vet says “Nothing can be done” I searched around for some “natural” help for Snickers. I stumbled on your site by accident and figured why not. In the beginning of September Snickers was not moving his left eye and could see almost nothing out of it.

I ordered the NuVet supplements and by week 3 of a “double dose” he is now moving the eye and following your hand. He also went and grabbed his ball out of his dish for the first time last week, something he hasn’t done for a few months. His sight is definitely improving day by day…These are great!

All my kids are going to be taking these for a lifetime! Thank you! And Snickers thanks you!!

Paula Jais

“Improved so much”

I ordered these pills for my Cocker Spaniel named Pig. He’s got large fatty cysts on the side of his body. After about 3 weeks the masses have shrunk by at least 50 percent.

I’ve got my two other Cockers on the NuVet pills also for their eyes. They’re are 16 yrs old & their eyes were very cloudy & unhealthy looking. After 3 weeks their eyes have improved so much.

Thank you for this product. I’m so thankful we found it.

Carolyn Conti
New Jersey

“Marked difference!”

After doing some research we purchased NuVet for our 6 year old Australian Cattle Dog. He developed a cataract several months ago. His right eye was swollen, red, irritated and weeping. The lens was very cloudy and it was clear that he was in pain.

After just 2 days on your product we noticed a marked difference! Now, 1.5 weeks later his eye is open, the redness had diminished and his eye no longer weeps. His eye is also more clear instead of cloudy.

We cannot thank you enough! This product is absolutely amazing! We had our doubts but you’ve made believers of us. We’ve put all of our stock dogs on this product.

Karina Lewis and Kirk Stanley

“Slowly disappearing”

I just wanted to let you know that NuVet has worked once again for our new American Eskimo. As I told you before we adopted him from the shelter 6 weeks ago. When we got him we thought he was five but then we found out that he was 14 years old. He had nothing really wrong with him except the fact that he was old.

For the first three weeks that we had him he was really calm and slept all the time. His coat was rough and brittle and he had major cataracts on him eyes. Well after the 3rd week we started him on NuVet and you should see the change. Let’s just say the he only sleeps at night now, his coat feels like cotton and he is just a joy to be around. His face shines and and the cataracts from his eyes is slowly disappearing. I know that because of NuVet our American Eskimo (Prada) will live a long time.

Megan Firinaiu

“Cataract appears smaller”

I bought Nu Vet for my elder Poodle’s cataracts. I was skeptical but I figured that with the money back guarantee, why not give it a try. The veterinarian said Unami was completely blind in one eye and the other eye was developing a cataract.

We have been using the product for two months. I believe that Unami had recovered some peripheral vision in his blind eye and the cataract appears smaller in his good eye. I have not had these improvements certified, but I believe Nu Vet is really helping. I just ordered another 90 day supply with auto ship so he will never be without this medication.

Thank you so much.

Andie Molnar
New Jersey

“Vision has been 80% restored!!!!”

I have a 13 year old Shitzu who had LOST his vision due to severe clouding of the eye. I was going to have laser done but, the Vet said he was to old so I went searching for something– anything to help—-I found NUVET PLUS and started him on the recommended dose. Four months later the cloudiness is gone and his vision has been 80% restored!!!!


Thank you all
Terry Redden

“Can see us now”

NuVet Plus is a remarkable product. I purchased the product after reading it would help with cataracts in dogs. Yes, I was skeptical, but it truly works. In a week I could see a difference in my dog’s eyes. It’s been three weeks and his eyes are clear and he can see us now. I have never seen a dog look so happy. He also seems to have more energy and a few fatty tumors look like they are softening and going away.

Thank you for creating such a marvelous product!
A Very Happy Customer.

Connie Frisk

“Eyes are Clear”

One comment about the vitamins: “Princess” is my almost 12 year old Pomeranian. Before taking the NuVet vitamins her eyes were cloudy and she has had arthritis for a while; bad knees.

I have been giving them vitamins since September and Princess’ eyes are clear and she moves a little better. I am definitely not giving her pain medicines the way I was because I can see her walking with more ease and I would rather not give her pharmaceuticals if I can help it naturally. That is my positive testimonial.


D. Chaney

“Cloudiness was diminishing after one month”

Rocky our Puggle and Max our Coton de Tulear are the bright spots in my husbands and my life these days. We noticed Max would limp on his back right leg during the cold weather, so we started him on the NuVet vitamins. Within a month Max was showing improvement.

Now just this past year Rocky became diabetic, needing 2 shots of insulin per day. We put him on a diet & exercise program. However, about 6 months later his eyes started to cloud up. I feared cataracts or blindness so I went to the NuVet website & read about the great results other dog owners were having with improvement of their dog’s vision using NuVet Plus.

We started Rocky on 2 NuVet Plus wafers a day per instruction the friendly NuVet representative. After 2 weeks I saw an improvement in his left eye. The cloudiness was diminishing after one month. I looked Rocky in the face and started to cry. His eyes have cleared up at least 70% thus far. My husband can’t believe it! I am a happy mom to know that I am keeping our Rocky to be as healthy as he can be. Just look at the smile on his face!

Thanks so much NuVet and all our friends at NuVet. You’re the best!

Lori & Bob, Rocky & Max
New York

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