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dog supplement, dog vitamin, daily dog supplement,

If you are concerned about the health of your puppy dog, our natural dog vitamin supplements will provide your dog the missing link in his nutrition!

Order NuVet dog vitamin supplement today!

The health of your dog is what drives our daily dog supplements!

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Dog Vitamin Information, Dog Supplements, Canine Supplements, NuVet Vitamins,
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Dog Vitamin Supplement Reviews,

Dog Vitamin Reviews |Dog Supplement Reviews

Reviews On Dog Vitamins | Nuvet Plus Reviews

"Scratching less and the smell was fading"

Thank you so much for your help. You probably don't remember,  but I had called and asked your advice about my “peek-a-pom”.  He smelled absolutely terrible, itching constantly, biting himself until he was raw, losing a lot of his hair on his back, and his skin was turning black. He also had open areas on his skin. He was a pitiful sight.  I tried different shampoos, etc. hoping to give him some relief. 

In fact, I was checking online for help when I ran across the NuVet site. I started him on the vitamins with some hope but a lot of skepticism. I was told to give him 8 weeks to see if it would help. In a matter of 2 weeks, I was noticing he was scratching less and the smell was fading. He now has a full coat of hair, has a lot more energy, smells like a normal dog, and doesn't gross people out any more. It had gotten to the place where it was hard to even pet him anymore because of how bad he smelled and looked.

I am now a firm believer in NuVet and I am letting other people know about it. Thank you so much!!

Charlotte Pice

Dog Vitamin Review| Nuvet Plus Reviews

I just wanted to say, THANK YOU!

This product, so far, has reduced my dog's tumors completely, one of which is completely gone.  The other was huge in his groin area, and a couple of weeks into taking his new “medicine”, we were telling him to “hang on”, just a few more weeks of your medicine buddy, just keep fighting.  It’s been about 6 weeks now, yesterday, was the first time he’s ran in a month.  He’s a 12 year old, brindle Pit Bull with a personality and energy of a puppy when he’s not sick.  There were tears of joy yesterday watching him run in our backyard with our other dogs (3), right alongside of them.  It was AMAZING!  He is getting little ones throughout his body, so we’re hoping a little longer and those will be dissolved as well. 

I am going to suggest your medicine to anyone and everybody with any type of physical problems with their dog.  I can’t tell you how close we were a couple of weeks ago to laying our dog to rest, because how bad this tumor was.  I know my dog has lived a long life, he deserves longer and you can tell his spirit has more to give in this life.

So I wanted to take the time to say – THANK YOU, from me and my entire family, for giving one of our family members more time on this earth.
You can bet we will be buying more and giving it to the rest of our dogs as a preventative measure!


Dog Vitamin Review | Nuvet Plus Reviews

"Beautiful, healthy dog!!"

I was given a 4 yr. old Italian Greyhound named Spencer. He had been neglected, was very thin, lethargic, constantly scratched and coughed up phlegm.

I started him on the NuVet Plus canine wafers and within a few weeks the change in his appearance and energy level was very apparent. He has been on the product now for over 6 months and is no longer scratching, the coughing and spitting up has stopped almost completely.

Thanks for helping restore Spencer back to a beautiful, healthy dog!!

Lynda Remus
New Mexico

Dog Vitamin Review | Nuvet Plus Reviews

"Intense scratching stopped"

Five months ago we adopted a 5 yr. old dog from a local shelter.  The first few days he was with us, we observed major itching, coughing, wheezing, and mucus from his eyes.  A full “vet wellness exam” diagnosed skin allergies. 

I decided to research some alternative approaches other than allergy testing, steroid medication, and whatnot.  I ordered a 30 day supply of NuVet Plus vitamin supplements.  After 2 weeks, the coughing and wheezing stopped completely.  After 5 weeks, the intense scratching stopped.  Also, he had no more eye mucus. 

Our dog is so comfortable now, he is a happy, playful 5 yr. old, unlike the distressed dog he was before!  He loves to eat the wafer every morning, and he waits by the cupboard for it!  This product has been a blessing for “Tazzer ".

Karen Tait

Dog Vitamin Review| Nuvet Plus Reviews

"Happier, healthier overall dog!"

I currently breed, show, and train South African Boerboels.  I started feeding NuVet  and within days noticed a huge difference in my dogs' appearance as well as their energy levels.  I focus on feeding my studs and have noticed increased semen motility as well as count, and healthier, more uniform pups from my breeding females.

I have used NuVet  on rescues of all breeds and have seen dramatic changes in them as well.  One was a mastiff with severe allergies.  She was on Prednisone, topical creams, restricted diet, and on several antibiotics.  The poor dog itched constantly and was definitely in poor condition.  After the first week of feeding NuVet, she wasn't scratching nearly as much and inflammation of her feet had decreased.  A month later, she was off the Prednisone and her hair had begun to grow back, no more itching, she was a happier, healthier overall dog!

I highly recommend NuVet  to all my puppy buyers and my family’s dogs.  It’s definitely a product that will remain in my program indefinitely.

Samantha Izard

Dog Vitamin Review | Nuvet Plus Reviews


… I had a litter with one puppy in particular that stole my heart.  She was diagnosed by our vet as being blind at 8 weeks of age, since she would only walk around the perimeter of the room.  I was told by my vet to put her down.

I immediately started the NuVet Plus on her.  I found a loving couple willing to take on the extra care that she needed, and required that they continue the product.  At four months of age, she was a normal, active puppy that showed no signs of blindness and to this day, still continues to be on your product!

Thank you for helping us in finding a product that helps our animals led a long and prosperous life!

Maria & Jeff Bledsoe

NuVet Dog vitamins are a great source vitamins and minerals for your dogs daily diet! Dog Vitamin Reviews| Dog Supplement Reviews |Nuvet Plus Reviews



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