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dog supplement, dog vitamin, daily dog supplement,dog health supplements,
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dog supplement, dog vitamin, daily dog supplement,
dog supplement, dog vitamin, daily dog supplement,


"...he plays like a puppy again!"

"Draven is our Miniature Poodle. When we first met him, he was a stray running down a road in a woodsy area. We kept him for a few days, then turned him in to the local shelter. I was sad for the four-day quarantine. On April 11th they let us adopt him back. Two days before my birthday! The shelter estimated him to be about one year old (perfect for a “birthday buddy”). For the first few years together, he was frisky like a puppy!

"Then when he hit four years old, his hair fell out in clumps. Not hot spots, but alopecia areata-like. Then came the itchy ears and the constant paw licking. He couldn’t play; he’d run, get the ball, stop, scratch, and then run the rest of the way back. Then he wouldn’t eat all of his meals. He was so uncomfortable. 

"Our groomer recommended special shampoos and NuVet Plus. Proper vet care, our groomer, and especially NuVet have greatly improved our dog’s life. Draven has grown in all of his hair. He needs to be groomed every six weeks instead of two months. His hair is so soft and lush! He’ll be six this April, and he plays like a puppy again – all day if you let him. And best of all, he chows down all of his food, breakfast and dinner! Then he spins in circles after breakfast for his NuVet Plus vitamin. 

"Thank you NuVet for keeping our dog a baby dog!"

Mandy Hamilton & James Reed, Jr.

Dog Shedding

A little bit of shedding is normal and even healthy. When the seasons change and the weather starts getting noticeably warmer or cooler, it is normal for your pet to lose a lot of hair. It can be a hassle to maintain your dog's coat, but it's not necessary to stop dog shedding at this time. However, there are times when your pet's hair gets out of control. If your dog is still shedding in the middle of winter, your buddy probably has a bigger problem.

Are Allergies To Blame?

When dog shedding becomes a chronic problem, it's likely that allergies are the cause. An allergic dog will scratch and bite at its own coat, causing a lot of hair loss which can often appear as shedding. In addition, the coat will tend to naturally shed more often in an attempt to rid itself of whatever the allergen might be. If your dog has any other signs of allergy (scratching, biting, inflammation, etc) then that's the likely culprit. However, it may also be an issue of too hot a temperature in the dog's living area. If this is the case, you can stop dog shedding by providing your pet with a bit of a cooler spot to sleep.

Support Your Dog's Immune System And Coat Health

NuVet Plus is clinically formulated to provide optimum nutrition and supplementation for all dogs. Whether your dog suffers from allergies or is simply shedding a lot for natural reasons, NuVet Plus can help stop the shedding and improve overall coat health. You'll notice your dog's energy level improving, and you'll see a visible difference and that's just what can be observed from the outside. Inside, your companion will experience better joint health, increased organ function, and many other health benefits.

Try NuVet Plus today for relief from shedding and overall health!

Only Natural ingredients used for easy digestion

Every ingredient we use is easy for your dog's body to absorb. In this way, all nutrients are quickly used by your pet's metabolism, providing the full benefit of each crucial ingredient. This supplement will not interfere with any drugs your dog may be taking. Even if your dog accidentally eats too much, he or she will generally be safe from adverse reactions.   Only using natural, human-grade, water soluble ingredients, this supplement will NOT irritate your dog even if he or she has a sensitive stomach.

100% Safe, made in an FDA lab

The pet food and pet supplement industries are NOT being regulated as closely as the human food industries. That's why there is a greater problem of toxins seeping into the dog food and supplement supply.

Ours is one of the few pet products actually made in an FDA human pharmaceutical lab. Virtually no other pet supplement is made this way because of the expense and close monitoring required. By manufacturing in an FDA human lab only the best 'human-grade' ingredients go into this product. Every ingredient is quarantined and microscopically tested before it is processed.

By manufacturing this way, your dog is protected with the same strict guidelines reserved for human pharmaceuticals.

There is nothing to lose with Our Money Back- Satisfaction Guarantee

Use our supplement for up to 60 days and if your dog's problem is not eliminated we will refund you money back.

* full disclosure at

ONLY (90 servings) - $55.50 or just 62 cents a day.

Auto Ship Discount - (90 servings) - $47.15 or just 53 cents a day.

  • Works fast
  • All natural
  • Patented process
  • Easy on the Stomach
  • Guaranteed 100% safe
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Used by hundreds of thousands of Dogs Free:1-800-474-7044    ref:74577

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All Natural Dog Vitamin & Dog Nutritional Supplement with a unique formula that consists of precise amounts of vitamins, minerals and high-potency antioxidants that when combined, create a synergistic and powerful boost to the dog immune system. Try the #1 dog vitamin supplement for dog health today!


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