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nuvet, nu vet, dog supplement, dog vitamin
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nuvet, nu vet, dog supplement, dog vitamin
dog supplement, dog vitamin, nuvet dog supplement

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dog supplement, dog vitamin, nuvet dog supplement
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dog supplement, dog vitamin, daily dog supplement
dog supplement, dog vitamin, daily dog supplement

NuVet Truth, Dog Health and Nutrition
NuVet Vitamins For Dogs

NuVet Scam? Or Just Misinformed? Here's the Truth!

I would like to make a few comments about a few blog post I have read that say NuVet Plus is a Scam. All that it takes is just one or two people that are ill informed or have ulterior motives and a product gets labeled a scam. Let me take this a step further by addressing what some of the comments are.

Scam definition: a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation

NuVet is a MLM!”

NuVet is not a MLM by any means. This product is only sold by pet professionals such as Vets, Groomers, and select breeders.  You cannot purchase NuVet products from a store unless they are a pet professional. This is done because the product has a 60 day money back guarantee and a freshness shelf life.

See What Leading Vets Have To Say About NuVet Plus

“NuVet does not disclose its Ingredients!”

NuVet Plus and NuJoint ingredients can be found on, on the bottle labeling and all over the internet. The NuVet formula was created and developed over eight years by three veterinarians, a nutritional scientist, a pharmacist, and a physician who were fed up with sub-standard nutrition and nutritional supplements in the pet industry. Their goal was to develop a holistic all natural supplement that would get to the source of the problem and not just treat the symptom.

NuVet Plus is manufactured in an FDA (Human) Pharmaceutical Laboratory
NuVet Labs supplements are some of the few pet products actually manufactured in a FDA human pharmaceutical laboratory, containing solely human-grade ingredients. Virtually no other pet products are made this way, due to the expense and strict monitoring required.  So many pet food and supplement companies are notorious for being unregulated making their safeguards and purity levels nowhere near that of human grade products. It’s no wonder the news is filled with stories of these products being tainted with toxins that seep into the dog food and supplement supply causing all kinds of illness and disease.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s)

Our manufacturing operation is fully compliant with all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) established within the industry and meets or exceeds all quality standards for human Nutritional Supplements. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are undertaken to ensure the highest quality possible.  These are some of the steps taken to ensure quality in each and every batch.

• Isolated Rooms for each phase of the manufacturing operation. 
These rooms allow for higher degree of quality checks, sanitation
and prevents cross contamination of material.

• All raw materials are quarantined and microscopically
tested prior to manufacturing to ensure that the product
specifications are met and no microbiological growth is detected.

• Tests for Disintegration and Dissolution to ensure that they are
within approved USP standards. Certificate of Analysis (CofA) are
provided with each separate ingredient used, verifying that all product specifications are met.

Yes There are scams that appear online on a daily basis. These are created by individuals that seek to take advantage of desperate and sometimes naive people.

NuVet has been in business for over 14 years and is growing. To learn about a scam company, look and see how long they have been in business, do they have return customers, what is the company growth rate?

Here is the answer for NuVet Labs

Over 14 years in business
roughly about 20% growth per year (Perfect and steady)
customers on average return every 90 days to re-order.

What Sets NuVet apart from the rest?

NuVet Plus  ...
is packed with nutrition;
Raises levels of antioxidants in the blood; (combating free radicals that can lead to the production of cancerous cells)
Lowers levels of lipid peroxides and homocysteine in the blood; ( lowers risk of blood clotting, stroke, bone weakness, heart attack and cardiovascular disease. Vitamin B12,6,)
Increases  immune function, reduces the risk of DNA damage, and improves overall circulation;

NuVet Truth, Dog Health and Nutrition

NuVet Plus is a lion when it comes to dog vitamin supplements. This dog supplement is used for overall canine health. The NuVet Plus supplement has help over 250,000 pets and is still climbing. All kinds of dogs have been helped by this GREAT Supplement, from Healthy Dogs to Sick Dogs with tumors.

 The list of ingredients within NuVet Plus is nothing short of amazing.  From Blue Green Algae, Brewer’s Yeast, to Evening Primrose and so many more. Top pet nutritionists nationwide have rave reviews about this dog health supplement. It has even been named winner of Dog Fancy Magazine’s Best Pet Supplement as voted by over 250,000 monthly subscribers! That’s HUGE!

We have had some question about the benefits of some ingredients and what they do so I figured I would touch on those questions in this article.

Is important for overall health.  Selenium (se-le-ni-um) an antioxidant, functions with Vitamin E and many enzymes that help to protect cells. Ranges for Selenium daily intake are from .045 mg -.05mg.  Dogs and Cats should both receive a daily intake of Selenium. Selenium is found in every day foods such as most fruits, vegetables, breads and meats.   A deficiency of Selenium in Dogs and Cats can lead to liver problems and muscle degeneration. Selenium is found within NuVet Plus Daily wafer in micrograms which are a 1000 times smaller than mg (milligrams) Daily Selenium per dosing is 350.0 mcg.

Garlic: There is no garlic in NuVet Plus.

Cats Claw: is important for immune system stimulation and is a very effective antioxidant. Cats Claw also is a very strong viral suppressant along with being a strong anti-inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory properties of Cat’s Claw have been proven to help eliminate Colitis, provide Cellular Protection, and treat Arthritis.   It also posses high levels of anti-cancerous and anti-tumorous properties. Cat’s Claw has Five known Oxindole Alkaloids. These pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids (POAs) work directly with white blood cells boosting the immune system. These POAs in conjunction with certain white blood cells called macrophages, work fast together to engulf and destroy foreign materials such as Viruses, Bacteria and disease causing microbes. Cat’s Claw POA’s also stimulate B cells; B cells are the cells that make antibodies that kill foreign materials that produce cancers, virus and bacteria.

Evening Primrose: High in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid that promotes cardiovascular health.   It is known to prevent hardening of the arteries, heart disease and high blood pressure, and aids in lowering cholesterol. It is helpful in the management of arthritis, rheumatism, certain skin disorders, and can relieve pain and inflammation.  Studies have shown it can increase the release of sex hormones and thereby improve reproductive health.

NuVet Labs Money Back Guarantee

For over 13 years, NuVet Labs® has been making the finest nutritional pet supplements. Our mission is to provide your pet with products that are completely safe, nutrient rich and formulated to combat disease at their source, while strengthening the immune system and giving your pet many healthy years of life.

We are proud to stand behind our products with a 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, follow the simple instructions below and we will give you your money back.

Should you desire to receive a refund, please contact us via phone or email to receive a return authorization number. We require that the customer return any unused portion with the bottle (even if the bottle is empty) to our office within 60 days of purchase.  Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.  If a customer is on AutoShip and does not cancel their order before a shipment takes place, a 20% destruction fee will apply.

Please note: Because your pet’s health is our main concern and our products are manufactured in a FDA pharmaceutical laboratory, we do not re-sell the products once they have left our office, even if the package has not been opened. Nuvet Plus is the #1 health vitamin for dogs! 

Phone 800-474-7044 Code# 74577

NuVet Labs Products

NuVet Plus® Canine Formula | Vitamins For Dogs

NuVet Plus® for dogs is much more than just another pet vitamin or herbal remedy! Recommended by vets, breeders and groomers worldwide.  Over 32 human-grade ingredients provide vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbal support and high potency antioxidants combined in a delicious chewable wafer that dogs love!  All natural ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors.


NuVet Plus for Dogs

NuVet Plus® Finicky Dog Formula | Vitamins For Dogs

NuVet Plus® for finicky dogs is an extra tasty powdered version of NuVet Plus® Canine Formula and can be easily mixed into your dog's favorite food.


NuVet Plus for Finicky Dogs

NuVet Plus® Feline Formula

A powdered version NuVet Plus® specially formulated for cats.   Over 32 human-grade ingredients provide vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbal support and high potency antioxidants combined into a fine powder that is easy to add to dry or wet food.  All natural ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors.

NuVet Plus for Cats

NuJoint Plus® | Vitamins For Dogs

This natural anti-inflammatory hip and joint therapy contains precise percentages of the finest pharmaceutical, human-grade ingredients: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Methysulfonymethane (MSM) and vitamin C combined in a highly digestible and bio-available formula.   Highly recommended for pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia and other joint and skeletal conditions.  This cutting edge formula has been proven to enhance your pet's mobility and quality of life.


NuJoint Plus for Dogs and Cats

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